Does God Entertain Unfruitfulness - Why Jesus Cursed the Fig Tree


“I give you Ksh1000 and you give me back Ksh1000, okay, we call that friendship. But, I give you Ksh1000 and I expect more than Ksh1000, we call that business. Business is about profit. As a business person, I cannot give you Ksh1000 and expect the same amount. It doesn’t work. If you were my agent, I would fire you. You are making no profit for my company.”

It is interesting to know that many Christians are going against this principle. For them, the kingdom of God is about attending church and sitting around the whole week. Perhaps when issues like weddings and funerals come around, you see them there, emotional of course. On Sunday, smartly dressed, they walk to church, sing songs, hear the sermon but fail to work on their talents...READ MORE