Whoever believes in me will never perish


Jesus while speaking in Jwhoever believes in me will never perishohn 3:16 he tosses a proposal saying, . I find this message similar to a man making a proposal to a lady. Let us put it into singular form to see specifically what he meant. ‘If you believe in me, you will never perish’.

This brings out a word I was looking for – ‘IF’. Does God put a condition to his proposal? Yes he does. Is he threating people to believe in him? I believe no. The reason why he puts a condition to his message is because how the future will turn out. Therefore, he asks his bride to believe (marry) him to have a secure future.

Can you imagine as a lad y how awkward it would feel to have a man who will never propose to you? It would feel absurd. But Jesus as the groom to the bride knows his work perfectly well and thus he proposes.