“I give you Ksh1000 and you give me back Ksh1000, okay, we call that friendship. But, I give you Ksh1000 and I expect more than Ksh1000, we call that business. Business is about profit. As a business person, I cannot give you Ksh1000 and expect the same amount. It doesn’t work. If you were my agent, I would fire you. You are making no profit for my company.”

It is interesting to know that many Christians are going against this principle. For them, the kingdom of God is about attending church and sitting around the whole week. Perhaps when issues like weddings and funerals come around, you see them there, emotional of course. On Sunday, smartly dressed, they walk to church, sing songs, hear the sermon but fail to work on their talents.

Does God entertain unfruitfulness?

Does God entertain unfruitfulness? When Jesus found a tree which had nothing, he cursed it and it dried. First, he approached the tree expecting to find some fruits. His expectations were based on the knowledge that a fig tree would have figs for him to eat at that time.

However, he found no fruit and thus he cursed it. The branches would have tricked Jesus to draw near, but there were no fruits. Many times we are like that tree with green branches but no fruits. The same trickery is copy pasted in Christians today. They are good church goers, they read the bible once in a while but if you draw near them they have nothing.

God has given us conditions to thrive in. He makes times and chances to happen to all. He gave the tree a chance to have nutrients and moisture and it made leaves, but made no fruits. How many times have we been given provision but used it for personal gain and not for the glory of God. Thereby, we take the kingdom at a loss and the Father who has invested in us is not happy at all.

Leaves for you, fruits for others

The tree had nice leaves but no fruits and thus it was bound to wither and die. In a tree, leaves are used for photosynthesis which in this case helped the tree and nobody else. However, fruits were to help others. When the tree was found wanting in terms of helping others, it was cursed and dried. A Christian, is the tree in today’s context. Some have good jobs, good health, skills and wealth which they are using only for personal benefits. The requirement instead is to use what we have to help others.

Truth be told, a company producing milk will not need that milk. Basically, it produces the milk for sale to help others. A person trained to be a teacher does not need that knowledge. It is for the benefit of others. In fact, the skill of teaching becomes fruitful when the teachers go to school and starts teaching. Sitting at home and bragging of the degree in teaching profession would be useless. The same matrix applies to our talents. We are to use our talents to help others. Our lives are not meant for ourselves, they are meant for others. If Jesus was to buy the modern mentality of ‘myself, me and I’, he would not have come down to save us.

Wicked and lazy professionals

A time is coming and all shall be called to account. The book of Matthew 25:14 says; ‘For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods.’

This shows we are God’s servants entrusted to goods which are not of our own but goods which belong to God. Therefore, we should use them for the benefit of his people and expansion of his kingdom. In verse 19, the bible says; ‘After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.’ Reckoneth means to settle accounts. Therefore, at some point, we shall be called to account.

The servants who were given talents were to remain accountable and faithful in investing. This is because the ones who were rewarded had acquired more than what they were given. The one who went and hid the talent did not receive anything. In fact, the master calls him wicked and lazy. And even before we write much, how many people today have such a title? How Christians are slowly acquiring a title called wicked and lazy without knowing it? For example, if a person is called Professor Juma for acquiring academic papers, someone can be called Wicked Lazy Juma for doing nothing! Sad! Isn’t it?


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