The focus today is how to live  a life we can finally look back and appreciate or be joyful of. I remember at such a time in my life, when I was almost through with high school, I was in so much pain I underwent a surgery here at Kenyatta National Hospital but finally I made it through. Therefore, I want to encourage anyone in this house, who is feeling life is becoming so hard, that the God who started the good work in you will bring it into completion. Life may seem awkward at home, in school or among your friends but I want to assure you one thing, that things will get better.

Appreciate your parents/guardians

I want also to play a clip I received on whatsapp the other day just to help us focus on loving and appreciating our parents. It is the story of a person who thought being drunk and getting high was the way to go, the mum used to love the son but the son did not care. The son came home late and did not allow himself to have a talk with the mum. Finally the mum died and it hit him hard that he needed to have appreciated the mum when she was alive.

The point we are driving home here is, what is it that we are doing today that will finally become something we will regret. Is there a friendship we are tolerating and we know too well the friendship is not going in the right direction? How I wish you knew how our parents love us. At times they may not seem like, but surely they do.

Feed Your Mind

In the same way we feed our stomach we should definitely feed our minds. It is sad how at times we do not stop to think how we should our minds. In a previous bible study in our church we share something mind boggling. The sharing was centered on the kind of movies we watch. Now lets imagine you watch movie where the characters call each other the bad words. Now it does not matter how born again you are, but just because you are feeding your mind with such content, you will finally realize you will say the bad word at some point, true or not true? True indeed!

The way to keep your mind focused is by feeding it with the right content like watching the righ movies and reading the right books. It is just simple. Garbage in garbage out. Therefore, just be careful the kind of things you will feed your mind with. Just like the body, if you feed it well, it gets healthy, so is the mind, you feed it well, it will think well.

Focus on Your Goals

At this point in your life, I know you have goals and dreams. Everyone has a goal or a dream they want to achieve at some point in their lives. How interesting it is we at times think about out dreams but we do not take time to plan and implement. They say, it is easy to have a dream, but not many people implement them, that’s why the graves are so rich. One thing I would like to encourage you is to ensure you focus on your dreams and become the person you have always wanted to be.

I remember back in school I always wanted to right and today for sure I am a writer and have a website. But I will confess to you, it has not been easy. It has been challenging but I had to do it. I had to persevere. The one reason why some people give up on their dreams is because they do not want to feel the pain, the discouragement or the embarrassment. This is because every time you are trying to get ahead of your friends, they will look at you and think you are crazy. But I want to tell you, don’t just hang out with the chicken, for you will learn how to walk, hang out with eagles and you will learn how to soar.

If you hang out with 5 fools you will be the 6th fool. So be careful whom you spend your time, because soon and very soon the people you hang out with will either increase you or decrease you. Therefore, look for the best friends with whom you can pursue your dreams.

Never Give Up

In the process of implementing your dreams, things will be hard at times, but you should make up your mind and say, come rain come sunshine, I will have to go on and become.

One thing you need to realize in life, IT IS POSSIBLE. But it is only possible if you become disciplined. If you read a book by R. Kent Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man, you will soon discover, your good voice or body cannot help you, until you decide to take action.

Trust in God

The number one thing we need to have talked about before we began this session is to trust in God. But lets make it our conclusion so that everything we have learnt today, we shall go implement it and trust God for the success.

Again I want to say, do not just come here and have a nice moment, go home and start doing something about it.


Mtune Benson

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