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When you read the verse, “Abraham begot Isaac” what comes to your mind? To me, I am reminded of the days when Abraham was without a child. I am reminded of when Abraham and Sarah were worried and even ended up picking Hagar as a rescue plan. I am also reminded of God who sees the end before it comes.

My conclusion therefore is, imagine God saw Matthew writing the book of Matthew saying, “Abraham begot Isaac”. Yet, even after God had predestined and foreseen such greatness in the life of Abraham, Abraham was still worried and did not know the kind of God he had on his side.

It is the same in your life today. There seems to be a bunch of problems in your life. But one thing you can be sure of is that things will get better. Like Abraham, you may not know when, but you can be sure the story will change. It will become better.

Your life will change not depending on the story you have today, but because of the kind of God who is walking by your side.

Many times we forsake our dreams and big goals in life and start thinking small depending on the situation we are going through. Yet, whatever the situation, we should remain hopeful.

Like Abraham, we fall for lesser things. Abraham and Sarah waited until they felt like things will not work out. They opted for a quick fix solution by bearing Ishmael with Hagar.

Today, you are the Abraham or Sarah who has been waiting for years to get something. However, it seems not to be coming through. The number one secret, remain hopeful, keep moving on, because you have a faithful God who fulfills promises and answers prayers.

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